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Are you struggling to maintain your lawn? Is that patch of grass becoming more trouble than it is worth?

Do you suffer from muddy foot prints in the house or is your garden water logged in Winter? Is it then dusty and baron in Summer?

These are just some of the comments we get about ‘real’ grass lawns. Whilst lovely and natural they are not suitable for everyone nor every garden.

“We are passionate about artificial lawns, artificial grass and the benefits they offer”

GreenScape Grass is a family run company which as of October 2019 will be in its 5th year of operation. We constantly strive for excellence in both our customer service and installations.

Our parent company Self Builders Limited was incorporated in 2014 but the founding Management team bring over 50 years of experience from the civil engineering and building industry to the Artificial Grass industry.

We don’t just sell artificial grass and install artificial lawns we have been passionate about the product for years. Ever since an artificial lawn installed in our own home. With two young children and two dogs the lawn was forever a well trodden dust path or a mud bath, depending upon the season!

“Since we installed artificial grass in our own garden we haven’t looked back”

Since we installed artificial grass in our own garden we haven’t looked back and now also have the added benefits of never having to mow, water or weed our lawn.

We have even developed multiple artificial lawn specifications depending upon the specific type of use. We don’t believe a one single generic specification could ever be suitable for everyone. Because everyone’s problems and needs are different.

Each specification also has the choice of multiple types of artificial grass at different price points to also suit your budget.

“Our artificial lawn specifications have been developed from years of research and testing”

Our artificial lawn specifications have been developed from years of research and testing.

From a cheap and cheerful low maintenance lawn (which doesn’t compromise quality) to more specialised specifications. Such as a specification which offers a gorgeous front garden lawn but yet is robust enough to double up as the ideal overflow car parking solution. Ideal for when you have an influx of guests at Christmas or at the annual Summer BBQ.

To an artificial lawn specification just for pets so that the base is free draining and odour resistant, and the grass is easy to keep clean. Initially designed specifically for owners of 3 or more large dogs.

Every one of our installs is tailored to your precise needs and not based on the easiest way for us to install your artificial lawn. But that doesn’t mean we are expensive either. Our product and service represents excellent value for money and we invite you to contact us for a quote to prove this.

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