West Cliff, Bournemouth, Dorset

Greenscape Grass recently completed an artificial grass project in West Cliff, Bournemouth, Dorset

The client wanted an easy to maintain, mud-free lawn.

The stages of work required to complete the artificial grass install in West Cliff were;

1. Excavation of 100mm of material (grass and top soil) from the existing lawn area. Remove all excess material from site.

2. To level the dug out area and compact down with a plate compactor and cover whole area with weed membrane.

3. Bring in 4in (100mm) of type 1, 16mm path gravel and spread over complete area and compact with plate compactor.

4. Bring in sharp sand and screed 25mm over total area and compact.

5. Roll out and lay artificial grass, staple down along edgings, 1m intervals and use glued jointing strips when joining artificial grass.

This procedure should give you a long lasting artificial grass area that will last 10-20 years without further maintenance.

(Cutting corners or incorrect installation will shorten life of the project.)

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